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Expanding Pathways Members

Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 15 Expanding Pathways members.
user iconJune ApazaCo-PI, State CoordinatorBlack Hills State University
user iconMaggie AustinCo-PI, Project Evaluator, Project Professional Developer, Project StaffTechnology & Innovation in Education
user iconJanet BriggsProject StaffBHSU
user iconJonette BurnsProject ParticipantBelle Fourche School District
user iconKarline ClarkProject ParticipantDouglas School District
user iconJulie DahlProject StaffBHSU
user iconKathleen DoerrProject GuestDouglas School District
user iconTammy JacobiProject ParticipantRCAS
user iconToni JacobsProject ParticipantRCAS
user iconAndy JohnsonBHSU
user iconArnie JordanProject ParticipantDouglas High School
user iconJeff McGoughCo-PISDSMT
user iconTony MusilekLead/Deadwood School District
user iconBen SaylerPIBlack Hills State University
user iconChuck StandenProject StaffSpearfish School District